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Workshop Sessions (Day 2)

There will be three workshops facilitated on Day 2 of the Conference programme (11th October) and to help us manage numbers for each workshop, attendees must select which workshop you wish to attend as part of your registration. 

The workshops will take place on Thursday 11th October in the Titanic Conference Centre, Belfast 
10.00 - 11.00am - Part 1 
11.45 - 12.45pm - Part 2 

Workshop 1 – Met BPA – Best practice through honest engagment

This workshop will be delivered by Janet Hills (former President NBPA /Chair of the Metropolitan Police BPA) and  Bevan Powell MBE.
The workshop will explore how police forces can build trust and confidence of BAME communities through collaborative community engagement with BPAs.

Workshop 2The Patten Reforms – How positive discrimination worked in NI?- PSNI & Equality Commission

This workshop will be delivered by Police Service of Northern Ireland and the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland. PSNI are the only police force in the UK who have introduced Positive Discrimination (PD). As part of the Patten Reforms positive discrimination was introduced to address the disportionately low number of Catholic police officers. The Equality Commission NI worked extensively with the relevant statutory bodies to work within the legislative framework set out within the reforms. This workshop will explore how Positive Discrimination was developed, implemented and its impact.

Workshop 3 – Employment Tribunals and Race Cases -  Lawrence Davies, Equal Justice Solicitors

This workshop is being delivered by Lawrence Davies, Equal Justice Solicitors, London. Lawrence has been involved in many high profile race employment tribunals. He will share his knowledge on the challenges of proving race race discrimination at Employment Tribunal. The workshop will explore what organisations can learn from high profile cases and what individuals need to do to maximise their chances of successful.

Please select your first and second preference workshop on your registration form. Places are limited in accordance with the capacity of the room.  Should the session be oversubscribed, the organisers will allocate places to each workshop on a first come, first served basis and you may need to attend your second preference session.